Mechelse Herder kennel van de Maanwacht

About us

My grandparents taught me to love and handle dogs from early age. My grandfather was the one who recommended a Malinois to me, seen as my character is so compatible with theirs. I have never regretted taking his advice. Until this day "mimam and grandpa" are my main counsellors when it comes to dogs. 
My first Malinois was Luna, an obstinate and fierceful lady who taught me everything I know today. My vision, my way of training and the core values of my kennel are based on the hard but significant lessons we learnt as a team. Undeniably there will be many more of these lessons with her, with other dogs we will meet and train and with friends that share the same passion. 
I started my dog experience in obedience school. Luna's urge to work harder launched me towards the working dog classes. After several trial-and-errors, my dogs and I found our passion in training in a police dog program with lots of variation and room to build a solid relationship and mutual respect between dog and handler. 
In 2009 I earned my instructor's licence obedience. Furthermore, I built up experience guiding pups and young dogs as a decoy.