Mechelse Herder kennel van de Maanwacht


Surname: (Janoo van Robbyfarm)
Name: Janoo

Stamboomnummer: NVBK BR 19537
Sex: m
Date of birth: 06/01/2006

Gentle dog that stands his ground. Always enthusiastic and willing to do what you ask of him. Affectionate. He will perform any task commanded by his handler unconditionally. Playful yet persistent.

Work capacities:
Lives to fetch, no matter the object. 
Very driven in tracking lost objects. 
Very flexible and athletic which makes him extremely suitable for agility and everything that involves jumping and speed. Into frisbee.

Agility: achieved TAP, now in experienced class.

Obedience: officially C-class

Detection/Tracking: basic.

Position in the pack:
Sparring partner of pups and younglings in the pack. Endless patience in games with over-enthusiast and (still) arrogant young dogs and gives them the chance to develop physically and psychologically.

11/08/2007: A class to B class: 96/100
29/09/2007: B class to C class: 89,50/100
26/10/2007: Social Behaviour Test - Passed
14/12/2007: TAP - Agility Certificate

- Due to chryptorchidia Janoo will not be used for breeding